You've Got To Try Out The Amazing Persian Delicacies At This Secunderabad Eatery

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dhansak – a Persian originated dish found its way to western India by Persians, centuries ago (during religious refuge moment) that has evolved over years with a major influence of Gujarati condiments. Often made on Sundays in Parsi Homes as the traditional preparation involves laborious whole day process with the primary ingredients being meat (Lamb), vegetables, four varieties of lentils, dhansak masala.

After my experience with Dhansak at another restaurant, I was looking for other decent places that serve it and finally ended up at "Parsi Bawa" in Secunderabad which is basically a kiosk kind of setup with two to three seats, partnered with an online delivery brand.

Ordered Chicken Dhansak thali that comes with Vegetarian Dhansak (added with chunks of chicken cooked separately), Parsi Brown rice, Mutton Kababs, and Salad. Everything tasted good and enjoyed the overall meal.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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