One Of The Best Themed Restaurant In Hitech City

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dialogue In the Dark-India: If we talk about the theme. It’s really wonderful to experience the world from Unr eyes of the less fortunate. Yes, they take you into a restaurant that’s completely dark (you are not allowed to carry your cellphone watch and anything that emotes light). The wonderful waiters are visually impaired but very skilled and talented and of course so polite & loving.

This place is must experience thing for everyone, more than dining, I just wanted to get a feel of it, we went around 7:40 pm, once the gate was opened, a hand was visible from outside which drew open the door. That hand and voice-guided us throughout. The initial feeling of being in total darkness gets kind of claustrophobic immediately but I consoled myself saying all is well. Funny how the human brain works. But I was actually smiling wide-grinned as I was in complete darkness. We were all asked to Hold shoulder of the person in front of us, the sides of wall etc.

The experience started with a tour of finding out the monuments with hands, walking on the shaking bridge, hearing out different sounds finding the words. Even though I’d love to describe each of these experience, I’d rather not spoil it for u guys, an oath which took on the restaurant while indulging in these activities.

Coming to food this restaurant serves a 3-course meal which was actually good. Even though the menu was limited the food was high on quality we had one veg and one nonveg combo. Veg had a Paneer Staters, Roti Veg Biryani and Paneer Gravy Dal Raita. In non-veg, we had Chicken Fry, Chicken Kabab, Chicken Curry, Roti, Dal, Biryani, Raita & Dessert.
We spent 2 hrs of quality time.

Note: Everyone working here at this restaurant is visually challenged.

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.

Twins explore food 😍 💯% ƒσσδ & Թմης ί ɓɾεϖ ʍψ ʆίƒε ϖίϯհ ƒσσδ😋 ϯɾαѵεʆ.ɕʆίɕƘ.εαϯ.ɾεԹεαɾ🔙 Հσʍσϯσ-ʆεѵεʆ 11+