Play Cricket, Eat & Have Conversations In The Dark: You'll Love This Experience

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Dialogue In The Dark, located in Inorbit Mall, is a dining experience where you get a taste of the darkness. If you haven't tried this experience before, it's not too late to go check it out. 

What Makes It Awesome

Dialogue In The Dark is a unique experience where a restaurant or a meal is accompanied by a lovely guided tour. For under an hour or a little more, you'll know what it's like to be visually disabled. When we say it's dark, we mean it — everything happens in pitch darkness. Play cricket in the dark, listen to the splash of a fountain, have a cold drink, and hold a conversation with your friend. 

After leaving all our belongings in their locker, we were introduced to our visually disabled guide, who helped us maneuver the alleys of this place. We took our initial steps with trepidation but we were taught how to check our step with a walking stick. Honestly, we were able to hear and smell things from a different perspective because we couldn't see anything. We dipped our hands into the cold water fountain (which sounded so pleasant) and soon, we found ourselves playing cricket, identifying different vegetables (or fruits). Conversations really seemed more meaningful. 

For dining, you have four options — Italian, Oriental, Desi, and Parantha. It's priced at INR 599. The food, although basic, tastes quite good, and since you're dining in the dark, you can feel the texture of the food in a far better way. So, if you're planning a dinner date with your significant other or want to take your friend who's visiting Hyderabad for a unique (but life-changing experience), why don't you go here? 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.