How To Make A Fairy Garden At Home

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All you people quarantined at home — need something creative to work on? We've picked gardening and as some of us have home gardens, we've tried to make a fairy garden. Wondering where to gather stuff for this? Well, pick some from your home, and make do with whatever you can find. 

Things You'll Need

A vase, gravel, soil, plants — succulents (your choice), and any plants like a fern, jade, etc. (You should have a basic idea of what plants you're using and what amount of care they need), gardening tools, toys (feel free to steal from your younger cousins or nephews and nieces) but if you have any miniature MCD toys — go for it! 


Step 1: Gather all the things you need. 

Step 2: Sit down and get ready to make an adorable fairy garden.

Step 3: Pick all the plants you'd like to use and make sure there's enough space for the roots. We've used well-composted soil and picked plants like Variegated Jade, Ming Aralia, but you can pick plants like fern or succulents. 

Step 4: Pick a theme. After you plant your plants, decide which toys you want to add, which gravel goes with your theme and all that. We've made a swing from an ice cream spoon, and painted it. 

Step 5: Flaunt it! Go wild. And don't forget to tag us in the pictures when you make one.


You can spray water on the plants every day. Put them in your balcony and keep an eye out. When the plants grow, you might have to move them to a bigger pot. 


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