Fried Maggi To Ghee Idlis: Here's What To Try At DLF's Killer Street Food Scene

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DLF is one of the busiest late night street food spots in Hyderabad, thanks to the IT hub. Whether you're a frustrated techie looking for a quick chai break or a hangry foodie looking for yummy snacks, DLF has got it all. The place gets crowded as the evening goes by, and you may often find yourself waiting in long queues. From dosas to desserts, here are the best spots to try at DLF's killer street food scene. 

AM - PM Maggi Point

Opening its shutters at 1 PM, this kiosk runs wild till 1 AM and is one of the most popular joints at DLF. Whether you're a fried Maggi or soupy Maggi lover, all the varieties here taste amazing. There's also Egg Bhurji, Chicken Fried Maggi, and Maggi Masala on the menu that you shouldn't miss. If you can tolerate the crowd around the kiosk, AM - PM Maggi Point is a must-try at DLF. 

Momos Delight

This kiosk is full of surprises with their eccentric menu options. From Kurkure Momos to Momo Burgers, Momos Delight is awesome for all those momo lovers. You can keep it simple by chowing down their steamed chicken momos or try the gravy momos. If you've got a thing for Kurkure, the Kurkure Momos will seal the deal for you. 

Coconut Juice Bar

Tender coconut lovers, this one's for you. Here’s something with no added sugar or preservatives that you can sip on after a hefty meal. From good old coconut water to a host of juices and shakes, this kiosk is going to take your love for coconuts to a new level. 


There is no bad time for ice cream and luckily for us, Amul has a tiny ice cream shop with not just regular flavours like vanilla and chocolate but also Shahi Anjeer, Moroccan Dry Fruit, Kaju Draksh. They've got stone ice-creams and Oreo, Ferrero Rocher variants too, but we recommend sticking to the basics and single scoops. 

Varalakshmi Tiffins

Varalakshmi Tiffins needs to be on top of your must-try list when you're at DLF. Their Ghee Karam Podi Idlis are everything and literally melt in your mouth. You could also try their freshly made Karam Dosas if you're in the mood for some crispy dosas. 

Miracle Millet

If you thought all of DLF's street food is filled with greasy fried food, head to Miracle Millet to gorge on steaming hot 'Cone Idlis.' The twist is that they're made with three types of millets and ragi, served with a generous amount of ghee, podi and three chutneys. The batter is placed into cone shaped Jackfruit leaves, giving them their shape, which also makes the idlis easier to eat. Prices start at a neat INR 50 a plate, so load up. 

Al Taza

This new spot has quickly become everyone's favourite joint for Shawarma Wraps. If you love Shawarma and are also a stickler for super hygienic places when you eat out, we'd recommend heading to Al Taza for a filling snack.


Known to recreate burgers and finger foods from a popular burger chain, Box9 is where you should head for budget-friendly snacks like Chicken Popcorn and a variety of burgers. Try the cheese burgers when you visit. They also have a cosy seating area if you're too tired of walking around the street. 

Hunger Maggi Point

We can feel our hunger kicking in as soon as we walk to Hunger Maggi Point that serves a variety of Maggi topped with a generous amount of grated cheese. The Fried Maggi here is too yummy to miss out on. It's right next to the Amul store, we recommend heading here for your Maggi fix if you'd like to skip the crazy crowds at other food carts.

Pasta Point

On some days, all you need is some creamy, cheesy pasta to fix your mood. If you're craving for some well-made pasta, head to Pasta Point and order the White Sauce Pasta without a second thought. The prices are super affordable too. 

Pallekodi Pullatlu

Craving some good Telugu food? Head to Pallekodi Pullatlu where the curries dictate the menu. Choose from a wide range of curries including chicken, mutton, fish, Boti, Paya among others. You can then choose their accompaniments that include vadas, dosas, parottas or rotis. The fare is super spicy as it is delicious. 

Pista House

There are several chai joints around DLF that serve great chai. Head to Pista House if you'd like the full Irani Chai experience, complete with Osmania biscuits and puffs. You can also takeaway Biryani and Haleem (during Ramzan) from the outlet. 

GD's Burgers

All the burgers are interestingly named after elements in the solar system, right from Cosmic to Milky Way. The burgers here are quite out of this world too, and start at a neat INR 150. Don't miss the Thunder Storm Burger made with barbecue chicken strips, veggies and a whole lot of cheese.

Noodle Bar

Nothing hits the spot quite like Indian-Chinese when it comes to street food. Noodle bar is where you should head for some mouth watering momos, Thukpa and noodles. Don't miss out on the chicken lollipops when you visit. 

Chaat Hangout

How can we recommend a street food spot without recommending a fool-proof chaat place? Head to Chaat Hangout to fill your tummy with some amazing Chaat. We'd recommend trying the Pani Puri, Dahi Puri and Pav Bhaji here. Don't be fooled by the simple set up, this place truly packs in a punch with their mouth watering snacks. 

Smoky Docky

One of the most popular (and crowded) kiosks in DLF closely following AM-PM Maggi Point, head to Smoky Docky for charcoal grilled Shawarmas. The concept is quite new for a street food spot, and the smoky flavour makes the Shawarma taste even better. Apricot Delight lovers, here's where you shine. Get some affordably priced Apricot Delight and Mango Delight during season at this popular spot in DLF. 

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