Book Collection, Indoor Games & An Amazing Coffee, This Place Is Goals!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Cafe Cupz: Visited here, after watching the movie, and I needed some refreshment. This cafe is located opp road to Indu fortune and it is easy to locate. Cafe has got outdoor seating, with garden around I have fallen for their seating arrangement with Woden chairs and two light holders which attracts us. The cafe can accommodate 15 members. They have got huge book collections, with some indoor games. Visit this cafe, in the evening to have happier feels.

To start with, I went with veg salad, which is watermelon scoop with feta cheese. I neva had a salad before, this was my first try. Well, I loved it and it is must try here. Soon after salad I and my friends went with Cheese fries, burger, wrap, simultaneously we order some mocktail, coolers, milkshakes. Fries anywhere, everywhere, they don't disappoint us.
* Crunchy veg burger: it was crispy and stuff was scrumptious. Served with some fries and sauce.
* Grilled paneer Wrap: not a wrap lover, but still I liked it.
* Roasted veg warp: it was all about veggies in a wrap...made with roasted veggies, lots of cheese. It is must try a veg wrap.

Mocktail tasted here:
* Fire n ice
* Spicy guava
* Mangolicious
I have like spicy guava of all I have tasted.

Shakes :
* Kit kat shake: must try
* Banana shake: it has got banana syrup with butterscotch ice-cream.

Pasta: I have tried spaghetti, Alfredo. I was heaven for me. Veggies added were bell pepper, mushroom and much cheese which added more flavour.

Main course:
* Veg Mexican rice: Rice served with mashed potatoes, and roasted veggies like baby corn, peas carrot. Paneer of 9 cubes will b served. Rice will be served in little quantity, can fulfil one person. Paneer and Mexican rice were mouth-watering.
* Coffee and tea: Nutella, not a coffee girl. Let's talk about tea. Assam tea, it was dipped tea, which was not tasty. Ginger tea was better to an extent.

This kind of place is much needed in and around a few phases(3,4,9nd other )of kphb.

What Could Be Better?

Tea is not and all good. Remove that tea from the menu, or make it good

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000