Exotica: Alfresco Dining For Your Dream Date!

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What Makes It Awesome?

We all look forward to various aspects of a restaurant. Some individuals place attentive service, a diverse menu, or a killer view right up there with the quality of the food. It’s no surprise that restaurants with scenic views have become most sought after these days. If there is anything that has the power to make you freeze for a second and consider that life didn't turn out so bad till now, it's a scenic view with your loved ones paired up some amazing food to munch on. There's really something special about a good alfresco dining setup overviewing the cityscape. And when all of the factors, good food & an amazing scenic view are combined, one shouldn't think further ahead of Exotica.

Exotica, an alfresco dining restaurant, the name which is popular among the locals in Hyderabad, had opened another outlet in Hitech city area right before the Pandemic phase & lockdown phase started in the city. Exotica, situated on the 7th floor of Biziness Square building, with close proximity to Hitex Minar, is one such restaurant in Hyderabad that offers the perfect setting for a nice cosy lunch or dinner with your dream date but this place lights up at night as the view is mesmerizing. Although it is situated on the rooftop, the entire property is enveloped by a canopy thereby keeping the authenticity of rooftop dining as well as the comfort of patrons in the place. The running water, wooden flooring, beautiful plants all around paired up with a breathtaking view of the city of Hyderabad will definitely amaze you. It exudes facile lushness via its decor, ambience and setting. It has a decent amount of space to manage large groups of people and couples, making it a delightful & peaceful restaurant to hang out in. As we went on an afternoon when the Sun god was blessing us with loads of vitamin, we started off with some coolers out of which Kala Khatta & Pan Mojito definitely stands out from the rest. Considering the Pan Mojito, the flavour of gulkand was prominent along with muddled cherries making it a top pick from the menu.

Coming to the food, we got Tandoori Brocolli & Pan Tossed water chestnut from the appetizers, tandoori broccoli has the perfect roasted florets coated with cream cheese & yoghurt and spicy touch which enhanced the taste. Even the Water chestnuts tossed in soy sauce with chillies, bell pepper & spring onion tasted amazing as it had a great balance of taste, texture & colour. Next up, we got Roti pe Boti & Talwar-E-Tandoori Murg, both of which are an amazing appetizer for meat lovers. Talking about Roti pe Boti, the boneless succulent both of mutton roasted in a ground spice marination served on a mini roti was really sumptuous, on the contrary, Tandoori Murgh is something I will definitely recommend to all as the roasting was so perfect & whole spices marinated had seeped into the meat layers, leaving us no other option to fall for it.

From the mains, we got Butter chicken masala, Dal Zafraan & Rarha Gosht along with assorted bread-basket, the butter chicken masala definitely packed loads of flavours of tomato & onion gravy in the roasted meat pieces, however, the spice level can be reduced a bit. Onto the Rarha Gosht, the meat pieces were definitely succulent with the blend of whole spices included into the curry infusing the gravy with its quality into the mutton pieces. Even the Dal Zafrani had a rich, creamy texture with black lentils & loads of cream into it, again a recommended one from the menu.

Ending with Gulab Jamun which is again a must-try item here amongst the other sweet picks. Lastly, Exotica has opened up for Dine-in with all proper hygiene & sanitization standards in place. Offering some top-notch quality food along with an equally great ambience, Exotica is the perfect stop for your dream date for your loved ones paired with the perfect ambience for an exotic experience.

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