Experience Pan Asian & Sri Lankan Food Affair At This Lemon Tree Property

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What Makes It Awesome?

Lemon Tree has multi-cuisine restaurants to serve different palates. One such place inside this property is Republic of Noodles. As the name itself defines it to be somewhat serving Asian food, well it does and probably serves one of the best Pan Asian food in the city.

Placed inside the beautiful property of Lemon tree, Republic of Noodles carves out its own indulgence. The ambience purely gives Asian vibes, with its decor, music and surroundings. The area is stretched vertically with the tables and the sitting area looks quite cosy.

The staff makes sure you don't go unattended and are humble to the fullest. Was welcomed with some Jasmine Tea, which was refreshing and portrayed a gesture of the Asian culture.

The Food menu was a mix of Pan Asian and Sri Lankan cuisine. Specially crafted cater the service of both sides.

Started with some Korean Water Melon Cube, fancy and delectable at the same time. Among starters had Tofu with Chilly pepper, Tempura Crunchy Straw Mushrooms, Pla Nueng Manaa, and Tori Katsu.

In Soups tried the Thai Coriander Vegetable Soup with Garlic Flakes. And the Prawn and Spinach Ginger soup with Rice wine. This was truly amazing. Totally recommended.

Among Wok stir-fries, had Stir-fried Chicken, with cashew and oyster sauce, pad siew flat rice noodles with garlic. The rice noodles were delicious. No doubt it is Republic of Noodles.

The main course had Sri Lankan vegetable Curry, full of flavours and colours. Burmese Chicken curry with lime and potato, this has to be my favourite from the menu. Breathtakingly the yummiest. It went so well with the jasmine rice. Also tried the pineapple fried rice, a unique portion, giving a little tanginess to the dish.

Dessert - It was the star of the dinner, Water chestnut Rubies and Langan with Coconut milk. Profoundly a fan of this dessert. Crafted with delicacy, the presentation, and taste makes it the star of desserts.

The overall experience of the Republic of noodles can be summed up saying "Satisfied". Its really hard for foodies to be satisfied but the food, feels, theme, service and hospitality will definitely make you feel delighted and you will leave this place with a smile, thinking upon your next visit. Definitely, this place is a little underrated, probably a hidden gem of Hyderabad.
Most recommended!!

What Could Be Better?

Since this place is in a 4-star property. The rates are on a higher end.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae.

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