Feast On A Giant Plate Of Delicious Mandi At This Popular Mandi House In Hyderabad

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Mehdipatnam and surrounding areas are no strangers to restaurants that serve mandi, but Fazal Mandi House is popular among the lot. Go here to feast on mutton and chicken mandi

What Makes It Awesome

If you don't care for hoity-toity ambience and don't mind a simple sit-down set-up, then this mandi place is where you should go to with your squad. Fazal Mandi House is a landmark in Mehdipatnam for mandi with authentic flavours. On arriving, you will notice that the seating style is quite simple and the place is well light with standard decor, but you will be amazed by the quantity they serve. Mandi is supposed to be filling, to begin with, but there's something about this place that just makes it a perfect place to sit down on those extremely hungry days.

What to order? We recommend you go for their Faham mandi and mutton mandi along with Sulaimani tea. If you're feeling adventurous and tagging along with four-five people, you should give their Special Mandi Platter a try. It comes with fish, prawns, mutton, and chicken pieces, and you'll end up feeling full for three days straight. FYI, they serve mandi in three quantities — half, full, special, and jumbo. Now that is something you should keep in mind while ordering here.


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