Drop That Weight Like A Cake At This Gym In Jubilee Hills

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What Makes It Awesome

But first, fitness. Yup, that's what Fitness Fast in Jubilee Hills believes in too. A basic gym that offers nothing extravagant, this is where you should go if you live in and around Film Nagar, and looking for something light on the pocket. That said, they don't really compromise on their equipment. From treadmill to cross trainer, your cardio is entirely sorted. Fitness Fast also helps you tone up and build endurance, and their trainers encourage you to push harder. While that's already in your kitty, we recommend going the kettle balls route, and do some weights too. 

The gym has plenty of open space for you to try out exercises and routines using your body weight. Plus, they also train you for Mixed Martial Arts, Bolly Aerobics, and Power Yoga. The best part is you can sign up for a free trial, and see how it goes. The monthly membership starts at INR 5,000.


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