Move Over PUBG & Fortnite, These Mobile Games Are Every Bit Fun & Challenging

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How is social islolation treating you? If you're bored of endlessly binge watching shows, you might want to do something different. If you've exhausted all your creative skills and are not big on reading, there are plenty of mobile games that you can try. We've made a list of five fun and free mobile games  on Android and IOS that will help you pass time, besides PUBG and Fortnite. 

The Sims

The Sims is a super popular video game that now, has a mobile version. In this life simulation game, you start off with a character and a home and progress to make a career, go on dates, make friends, and take up hobbies. You can get to choose the characters mood, so you can make it as fun and personal as you want. 

Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle one of those games that will calm an anxious mind. Adorable and aesthetically pleasing, this simulation game is easy to comprehend which makes it addictive. In this offline game (yey), you begin with a single penguin on a part of an island and within no time in the game, you'll have a big colony of penguin pals with different roles like a farmer, fisherman, builder, etc. Each penguin has a skillset and a hobbie, so you can grow your penguin colony with fun elements like a theme park, pool, etc. 


Badland is one of the classic mobile games, and if you've not died in this game yet, you should try it out ASAP. We're saying dying because you're going to a die a lot (thanks lasers and knifes). This is an action game where you get to tweak the creatures and elements of the forest. This game is quite gory, so don't expect pretty looking characters. With graphics that suit an action game, you will spend hours crossing the level because they're insanely loaded with elements like sharpened wheels, blazes, and guns that will end you characters life. But hey, you're smart enough to come out like a hero, right? 

Marvel Strike Force

Avengers, assemble! Marvel Strike Force is one of the finest hero collector games and all superhero fans should have this in their phones. And why not? You can get to battle your favourite Marvel heros with villains in different campaigns and setups. Oh, did we tell you that you get to be the character? Yup! These characters have their signature moves too that can level up stronger, so go for that Hulk smash. The graphics and addictive gameplay will leave you amazed. 

Mario Kart Tour

"It's a me, Mario" but this time, he's a racer. Mario Kart Tour is a racing game where you can play as any character in the Mario universe like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, etc as they get out for an go-kart adventure. Because it's a tour. you get to choose one from an assortment of tracks and steer away to win. With typical Nintendo graphics which are cute and poppy, all you gotta do is aim to climb up the leader board by collecting as many items on the track with a tap, and leaving your other mates behind to win the game. Mario Kart Tour is a simple game with a dopamine rush. 


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