We're Gifting Ourselves These Roses That Stay Fresh For More Than A Year

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What Makes It Awesome

Flowers are awesome, right? They're pretty, smell great, and make for a nice gift. But what if we tell you there is a florist in Hyderabad that can get you roses that last for more than a year, and flowers that look like they're from a fairy tale. Yes, all that is possible and we're talking about Flowerwali.

Founded by Sonal Agarwal, all the flower arrangements come in handcrafted boxes with flowers wrapped in velvet or matte finish paper to get your A-game on. Unlike the usual two-three day bloom, these flowers are known to last for a long time which is unbelievable yet impressive. Rare black roses, Infinity roses and Embossed roses with printed text on the petals — all exotic flowers are sourced from Netherlands and Ecuador to ensure only the highest quality of flora is sent out.

Apart from beautifully arranged flowers, you can also order individual flowers which will be enclosed in a glass dome for a luxe look. And if all this didn't sound exquisite to you, you can send these flowers to your loved ones with a special note that will be written in Calligraphy. 

Have a special occasion in mind? Sweep them off their feet with these flowers. 


Call way in advance (like a week or two) to order your flowers. Everything is customised so they might take time. 


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