Delicious Fried Chicken To Lift Your Mood Up

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What Makes It Awesome?

Apart From Mughlai, Chinese, If you ask me what is my favourite Other Cuisine, I'd say Andhra Cuisine. It has full of flavour and spice level in their dishes. Malnadu Kitchen at Kompally is one of my go-to places to relish amazing dishes. I've had their Pulaos, Biryanis and Some other lip-smacking Appetizers.

Another In House Speciality is Baby Fried Chicken. Thinly Sliced, Coated and Seasoned with Crumbs. It was Juicy and absolutely Tender, Crunchy. I had this Along with White Rice and spicy dal, I don't remember the exact which dal, but it was Spicy and brilliant. Though fried chicken may look Basic appetizer, But this was amazing.

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