Potato Tornado, Curly Fries & Chipotle Fries: Say Hey To An Exclusive French Fry Cafe In Himayathnagar

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What Makes It Awesome

Himayathnagar is no stranger to shopping spots and restaurants to satisfy the hunger pangs, and now there's one more food joint exclusively for our favourite French fries. As you go further from King & Cardinal, tucked away to the left is FryINN - The French Fry Cafe. It's a small place with very limited seating space, so our advice to you is to treat this place like a drive-in.

With that said, let's talk about their menu. They've got straight fries, curly fries, potato twisters which they call the potato Tornado, wedges, waffle fries, a few other types of munchies like bread and poppers, and Maggi. Now the deal about this place is that you can customize all your fries and wedges with sauces of your choice. You can either go for single sauce or double sauce and they've got so many types to choose from.

Our picks here are regular salted fries with Chilli Cheese Sauce and Chipotle dressing, Peri Peri Potato Tornado, and FryInn's Maggi Cutlet. They sound like quick bites that won't fill you up, but you're in for a surprise. Psst, this place is super pocket-friendly, and you know what that calls for, a party! 


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