Elegant Dresses To Button Down Shirts: This Brand Is A Slice Of Summer

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What Makes It Awesome

When I spotted Gangotri Label on Instagram, my first thoughts were — I'd like to put on one of their pretty dresses and walk barefoot on the dewy grass. Reminding you a bit of summer, Gangotri is a label based out of Hyderabad and it's all about organic, sustainable, and affordable clothing. 

Founded by Mridula, Gangotri Label believes in crafting timeless pieces, inspired by the elements in nature. Aiming to reduce carbon footprint, the label explores one village at a time. They understand the weaving techniques specific to that certain region and design based on those art forms. In fact, they've stumbled upon a near-extinct art form — Bela, and we're hoping to see it in one of their collections. Their Ajrakh printed clothing and white dresses are their best-sellers and for a reason. If you're someone who cannot get enough of sublime white dresses, this store has a few great choices. What catches your eye instantly are the colours which are every bit peppy and comforting. Plus, the playful elements like bows make Gangotri's pieces quite lovely!

The price range across the store is INR 899 to 2,399. You can hit them up on Instagram or send an old-fashioned email. 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.