Order Yum & Healthy Handmade Ladoos, Namkeen & More From Nethimitai!

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Nethimitai is a best brand that has launched to serve the best homemade ladoos. The ladoos are made with ghee,  millets and jaggery. There were also khova peda and dry fruit ladoos . They were so tasty and you can't stop with one.

They also serve homemade namkeen snacks.

Sweets includes, sunundalu from ₹160 - ₹600, milk kova at ₹200 - ₹800, Assorted laddu pack including all tasty and delicious laddus at ₹310-₹600, flax seed laddus at ₹160-₹600 , bandhar laddus are also available and honey kalakand laddus tastes so good available at ₹250-₹1000

These packs are available at different ranges based on quantity you order

They serve colas which remembers your childhood memories- fruit cola, cranberry cola stick, green Apple cola, strawberry cola, lichi cola stick, kala katta cola, lemon cola stick, kiwi cola stick and many more at range from ₹40 - ₹60

The best snacks of nethimitai includes, Bellam halwa, Mysore pak, Bellam boondhi achu, peanut chikki, palli chekkalu and bellam boondi which are at reasonable costs.

The best part was bio degradable packaging of all items which are always nature friendly.

You can get sweets, colas and sweets at your door step. Order online for the delicious mithais and snacks