Coffee, Amla Powder & Beauty Range: This Initiative Has Products From Araku

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What Makes It Awesome

It's not every day you could get your hands on fresh honey, natural haircare products, and great coffee from the hills. That too, at prices that don't pinch your pocket at all. Girijan Co-operative Corporation — a govt. led initiative is online, and you can shop for all these products and more. This corporation has tribes from the Visakha district, or to be more precise, Araku, who carefully handpick and gather the ingredients for the production of what we shop. 

Here's what we've tried — we've picked their instant coffee and two types of filter coffee. The instant coffee is completely pure and isn't blended with chicory, and we love how strong and aromatic it is. The filter coffee has two variants, though: one with 70 per cent arabica and 30 per cent chicory, another with 60 per cent arabica and 40 per cent chicory. We've gotten both of them — while there isn't much difference in terms of flavour, both the coffees need more decoction to be added, if you prefer your morning cuppa super strong. That said, you won't stop loving the wafting aroma of the brews! Plus, can we please admire the beautiful packaging? 

For those of you facing any hair fall, GCC's Amla Powder comes as a great joy! We got ourselves one box, and from using it as a hair mask to drinking it with lemon water and honey — we've tried it all. Besides, they've got shampoos like soapnut, shikakai that you can try. Apart from these, GCC store also has pepper, turmeric powder, rajma, triphal ras, ragi powder, pain balms, etc.

What Could Be Better

A few times, the site runs into errors where you cannot add certain products to the cart. We wish these minor technical glitches could be fixed.


If you're visiting Vizag or Vizianagaram or got fam there, you can visit the stores directly and shop for the products you'd like.