#GoHereDoThis: Top 5 Things You Should Do This Week

A new week, a new plan. Wondering what to do this week? Our weekly guide will sort it out for you. 

Go Chill At Hush Cafe

If you're familiar with the garden store Peacelily, you might be excited to know they've opened a cafe. And it looks every bit Instagram-worthy. Tucked away in the bylanes of Kavuri Hills, Hush Cafe is where you can spend a quiet evening. With a fine mix of outdoor seating with wall art and plants for the view and indoor seating with a cosy set-up, pick what your mood demands. The menu is an interesting mix of Indian food and continental dishes. Yup, you'll find both chicken biryani and pesto pasta under the roof.

Get Rare Books From Haziq & Mohi

Sure, you can research and get rare books online but if you’re itching to browse and discover something truly special, Haziq and Mohi should be your stop. And what’s the bonus? Well, the musty smell of aging books! With space for just one person to walk through, the bookstore has an interesting part. The books are priced according to their age. If the book is only half a century old, you can buy it for INR 3,000 to INR Rs 5,000.
Book Stores

Haziq & Mohi Rare Books

20-4/819, Near Jame Masjid Chowk, Khilwat, Hyderabad


Take A Road Trip To Gulbarga

Gulbarga (Which means a city of flowers and gardens in Urdu) was once a part of Hyderabad state, but now it's a part of Karnataka. Located just 220 km from Hyderabad, history enthusiasts usually take a day trip to explore the Islamic and Indo-Saracenic architecture of the monuments in the town. We began our trip with Gulbarga Fort, which was built during the 1300s. Although it's in a dilapidated condition, you won't stop gawking at the architecture.

Load Up On Awesome From WK Life

Quirky stationery and accessories are a fascination that has no age bar. WK Life is a Hong Kong-based store similar to Korean stores that have been popping up in every corner (nothing to complain about). This big store has aisles of all things unusual and fancy — right from stationery to gadgets. If you're someone who travels often, you can get your hands on mini hairdryers and two-in-one straightener and curlers here.

Department Stores

WK Life

Sarath City Capital Mall, 4th Floor, Forest Department Colony, Kondapur, Hyderabad


    Up Your Fitness Game At Breathe Fitness

    Are you pushing yourself that it's high time you get off from that lazy routine and experience a crazy adrenaline rush? If yes, we got you covered. BREATHE!, a two-year-old functional training gym in Vikrampuri, has programmes that are personally tailored to meet your goals and needs. This is a fitness studio for your daily workout session where you can break a sweat and feel fit. It is equipped with highly maintained equipment. The trainers will sit and discuss with you what are your needs are and will curate a regime for you.



    D-3, Beside Vac's Bakery, Vikrampuri Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad, Telangana