This Brand Upcycles Bottles To Craft Thoughtful & Sustainable Gifts

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you're the 90s kid, surely you know the value of something personalised and handcrafted. Because we all made something special for our friends and fam back then. Keeping that tradition alive is Handvaerk — of course, while being sustainable. Founded by Shravya Musthyala and Ranadheer Reddy, Handvaerk (a Danish term which means handwork) upcycles bottles to craft decor accents. They also make couple hand casts which work as lovely presents for newlyweds and anniversary celebrations. As architects themselves, their interest in design and material knowledge led them here but they use this opportunity to raise funds for Nirvi Foundation — an NGO that focusses on healthcare, education, and farming. 

    Handvaerk takes orders through Instagram or phone calls. Basically they customise based on the occasion and your ideas so feel free to slide into their DMs. Since every order is customised, the chances of finding something similar is unlikely. Plus, they experiment with different techniques and materials so you're in for an artsy treat. Soon they intend to launch more services that include making portraits by upcycling bottles. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?