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Looking For The Best Thukpa & Momos In Town? We Found Just The Place

Sunaina posted on 2nd June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Located in Kondapur, The Himalayan Cafe {THC} is the quintessential momo joint we’ve all been waiting for. Serving the best momos and thukpa in town, this one is our new found love.

Away From The Race

It is said that various sojourns and experiences introduce a person to diverse senses of taste. On relishing the most authentic Nepalese and Tibetan delicacies during his travel escapades, Vasudev Singh {founder of THC} couldn’t absorb the fact that the chances of finding authentic momos in Hyderabad are next to none. Although he held a cushy day job at Google, he desired to take a plunge into the F&B industry and the FOMO on good momos served as a perfect blessing in disguise for him {and us too}. Soon, he quit his job, set up a home kitchen, hired a chef {a Nepalese chef with 16 years of experience}, and launched THC. At the moment, it is a joint delivering through Zomato and Swiggy, but if you are from a different part of the city, you can contact Vasudev and check if you can order a takeaway. But for this, you must have a patience bone as you might have to wait. We’ve heard that he intends to open a restaurant {with a Himalayan vibe} in future and we cannot be more excited.

Momo Mia

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s cut the chase and get to the business right away. The dishes we tried at THC were a doozy affair and left us in a daze. We started our meal with bowls of thukpa – topped with tender paneer strips and Bok choy, this well-cooked dish is rich in flavour and gets an ecstatic nod from us. We love how spicy and tangy it was. If you love your momos with a bit of flavour {and not bland}, you might take a backflip after popping one. We tried the Veg Steamed Momos and the Mushroom & Cheese Momos first and loved the thin yet tender texture of the outer layer. Three cheers to the Mushroom & Cheese Momos for such an interesting flavour. The filling was generous and they honestly don’t need sauces to complement the taste. The three sauces – chili garlic, chili, and sesame go perfectly well with the momos. We finished our meal with Schezwan Fried Momos and have tasted nothing quite like these before. The crusty outer layer made way to the crumbly soft stuffing. Together, they make a wicked duo! You got to taste these with the chili garlic sauce.

So, We're Saying...

Momo lovers, you got to give a shout out to THC and grab those delicacies {before they get sold out like hot cakes every day} by 8-9pm. Don’t forget to thank us by treating us a bowl of thukpa later.

Price: INR 250 for two

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