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How To Make Korean Style Dalgona Coffee At Home With Just Four Ingredients


    What Makes It Awesome

    Just like Kpop, skincare, and fashion, Dalgona Coffee is another Korean fad that went viral on social media, and we're telling you the simplest way of making this layered coffee. 

    Prep Time - 5 mins

    What You Need

    Instant Coffee Powder - 2 tbsp 

    Sugar - 2 tbsp

    Hot water - 2tbsp

    A Whisk or a blender 

    Cold Milk 


    1. Begin by mixing all the dry ingredients together. Add two tablespoons of instant coffee powder with two tablespoons of sugar. 

    2. Add two tablespoons of hot water to the mix and start blending it. You can use a whisk or an electric blender for that. 

    3. Blend it till the liquidy paste turns into a thick creamy consistency. If you're using a blender, this might take two-three minutes and if you're using a whisk, it'll be ready in about 5-10 minutes. 

    4. Once it's thick and creamy, transfer the mix on top of a glass with cold milk. You can add ice cubes to the milk. 

    5. This is completely optional - add some cinnamon powder on top for added flavour. 

    That's it! You have your two-layered Dalgona Coffee ready. If you're rushing to your kitchen to make it, do take a picture and tag us on Instagram.