Recycling Like A Boss! This Hyderabad Man Is Making Petrol From Plastic

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What Makes It Awesome

Single-use plastic is choking up our planet and hopefully, all of us are constantly finding ways to recycle and replace the plastic from our lives. But taking this up a notch, professor Satish Kumar is making fuel from single-use plastic. Whaaaaat! Ek teer se do nishaan. Solving plastic and fuel crises, the professor has registered a company that can make diesel, aviation fuel, and petrol from plastic.

Nerd talk ahead! He says that with a three-step process called Plastic Pyrolysis, which requires no water and doesn’t release wastewater or air pollutants, about 500-kg of non-recyclable plastic can produce 400 litres of fuel. Though the use of this fuel in vehicles is yet to be tested, for now, it's being given to local industries for dirt cheap prices. Kudos! 

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