Hyderabad Is India's Most Vegan-Friendly City & We're Cheering With Our Vegan Friends


    Great For

    What Makes It Awesome

    This might come as a surprise to you, but our Biryani City is India's Most Vegan-Friendly City which is great news. Amidst all the haleem, paya shorba, and shawarma, we forget the fact that we also serve some of the best variations of idlis, dosas, etc, and have many vegan restaurants that are catching up the pace (FYI, Indian cuisine has a lot of vegan dishes that we consume without knowing it like khichdi, dals without ghee, curries, etc). We're talking about restaurants like Smart Alec, Terrasen Cafe, Sage Farm Cafe, etc that our vegan friends already know about. With a vegan lifestyle getting the recognition it deserves in our country, Smart Alec is celebrating this good news with a menu that has vegan alternatives to shammi kebab, keema tikka, and a lot more. You thought veganism is just raw vegetables? Well, think again. 

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