Khamush Suno! Resolutions Every Hyderabadi Must Make


    It's that time of the year again when we attempt to make resolutions and adhere to them. Apart from the usual working out, eating healthy, and sleeping early, here are some New Year resolutions every Hyderabadi must make. As silly as they might seem, hum tho bahut serious hai. Afterall, Hyderabad mein aisich hota

    Veg Biryani Ko Buri Nazar Se Nahi Dekhenge

    2020 is the year we accept this (dil pe patthar rakhke). Paneer, chicken, or mutton — let us all savour the deliciousness of Biryani and spare our vegetarian friends from all the taunts and ridicule. Unko bhi bas hogaya ab! 

    Osmania Biscuit Ke Bina Chai Nahi Piyenge

    In a true Hyderabadi sense, we mean biscoot. Now if people of Hyderabad don't make this a habit, how can we expect our non-Hyderabadi friends to understand the craze? Parle G aur Marie Gold aate jaate rehte, Osmania permanent hai. 

    New City Ho Ya Old City, Hussain Sagar Ko Nahi Bhulenge

    Hussain Sagar

    Khairatabad, Hyderabad

    When was the last time you went to Hussain Sagar to take in the views? Yes, we don't have a Marine Drive, but the closest we have is our Hussain Sagar and we need to bring back the glory. Pan dabbe pe chai piyo, butta aur murmure khao, parko mein photo lo, ya Tank Bund mein boating karne jao, sab karo par kachra nakko karo. 

    Jitthe Bhi Mall Aajaye, Old City Mein Ich Shopping Karinge

    GVK One Mall

    Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

    Of course, we love our GVK, Inorbit, Sarath City, and Gallerias, but let's not forget the thrill of bargaining with our Hyderabadi folks in the markets of Old City. Garam garam kebab, goli soda, falooda aur wo bada Charminar, iss ke alawa khareedne ku bahut kuch hai Old City mein.

    Logon Ku Pakad Ke Hyderabadi Filme Dikhayenge

    Stand up comedy abhi abhi aaya, usse pehle Gullu Dada aur Saleem Pheku the. We're well caught up with all the latest releases, be it in Telugu, Hindi, or English. But it's time we include Hyderabad Nawabs and Angrez in our movie plans. Ismail Bhai ku nahi pehchane tho kaisa?

    Express Way Aur Fly Over Pe Road Rash Nahi Khelenge

    Road Rash aur NFS computer mein khele tho ich acha hai, roado pe kaiku hushari? It might seem fun but let us make road safety our priority. Just like how Hyderabad is the most vegan-friendly city in India, wouldn't it be awesome if we set a good example for road safety, too? Isiliye over nakko karo aur seedha chalao. 

    5-Minute Bolke Ek Ghanta Nahi Rukayenge

    Every group has that friend who's never on time. If you don't know what we're talking about, ask your friends because you might be that person of your group. It's not unheard of. Lack of punctuality is what comes to mind when people talk about Hyderabadi attitude. But we're better than that, right? Ab se koi bulaye tho, time se pehle jaake do-teen cup chai peeke ich niklenge. 

    Girls College Ke Saamne Line Nahi Lagayenge

    Boys, we're talking to you here. Dosto se millo par college ke saamne nahi. To begin with it will just crowd up the street and bring a bad name to the authorities, so let us not? Okay? 

    Dawato Mein Barfiya Nahi, Sheer Khorma Aur Double Ka Meetha Khilayenge

    It's time we sway away from the regular gulab jamuns and barfis, and bring back our Double Ka Meetha, Qubani Ka Meetha, and Sheer Khorma. Not that we should need an occasion to relish them, but ab apne dawato mein hum ich nahi khaye ye sab tho kaun khayega?

    Kohli Nakko, Dhoni Nakko, IPL Mein Sunrisers Ko Hi Support Karenge

    IPL — the thing that unites cricket-loving Indians and non-cricket loving Indians is going to start soon aur Hyderabad mein rehke Hyderbad ko pehle support karna. Kane chicha ku jitana hai ya nahi? Duh, obviously!