If You're A Sucker For Quick Bites, This Is The Place For You!😍

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What Makes It Awesome?


One Bite is spread all over India and has finally established it's first ever outlet in Hyderabad now. Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Guwahati, Lucknow are few of the major cities which have One Bite outlets.

This is a tiny outlet which can accommodate around 15-20 people. It is an amazing place to throw parties and hang out with family and friends. It is air-conditioned, quiet and peaceful so you can also have quality time with your loved ones.
Fun fact! : This place is near Bikopedia and JNTU so you'll find many bikers and college students hanging out here.

The service time is apt. The people here are polite and humble. Service here is just on point. 😻

( Mocktails)
Strawberry Mocktail - My personal favourite.😻
It had the right amount of fizz in it and a perfect blend of flavours. Suger was on point and the drink was super refreshing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO TRY THIS.

Mango Mocktail - This mocktail was amazing as well. It was very refreshing. It will definitely make you feel better in the scorching sun.

I was really impressed by the correct amount of fizz the mocktails had. πŸ‘Œ

Mango Shake and Strawberry Shakes - The consistency of the shakes were good. Their sugar level was apt. They were refreshing as well. One thing about the shakes which I liked, was it didn't make you feel heavy. You don't feel forced to finish it. The quantity was very reasonable.

OB Veggie Corn Pizza - Believe you me, this is the best pizza I've ever had in my life!!! It was a thick crust pizza. It was loaded with cheese and veggies. The crust, oh the crust! It was tender yet super crispy. The flavours were flooding into the mouth. 😻
It tasted divine with oregano and chilli flakes.(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

OB Chicken Exotica Pizza - The chicken pieces were very well cooked. Chicken and cheese were loaded onto the crust. It tasted really very delicious. The chicken pieces were tossed even on the pizza. It was very tasty.

KitKat waffle, Strawberry and chocolate waffle and Nutella waffle - The toppings were very delicious. Waffles were crunchy. Ice-creams were served alongside the waffles and were complimenting each other very well.πŸ‘Œ

French fries were so crispy outside and tender inside. They sprinkled some masala on it ( it wasn't peri-peri) and it tasted divine🌟

With the quality and quantity they provide, the prices are very very very reasonable.

I'll definitely visit this place again. Loved this place to the core.

What Could Be Better?

I so wish this place could accommodate more people. 😊

How Much Did It Cost?

Under β‚Ή500

Best To Go With?

Family, Kids

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