Cafes To Heritage Spots: Here Are 10 Doors In Hyderabad To Up Your Instagram Game

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Instagrammers, have aesthetic doors always made you feel a certain unexplainable happiness? After you stop and stare at them momentarily, you tend to reach out for your phone and click them for the perfect frame, contrasting colours or use them as a backdrop for your photo shoot projects. Now, Hyderabad has an old school charm in its architecture, but there are some really modern doors for you to ‘gram too, and we’ve listed them for you.

Mecca Masjid

One of the oldest mosques in the city, Mecca Masjid’s grandeur has not escaped its doors. Apart from the intricate designs on its minarets and the beautiful arches, the compound surrounding the mosque has these pretty green doors. The contrasting brightness of the door against a rustic yellow wall has a magical feel to it and it is often a spot where tourists and visitors pose.

Chowmahalla palace

Chowmahalla Palace, the official residence of the Nizams, during their rule is also a great place to go to if you’re looking for Instagrammable doors. From the huge door at the entrance to the doors of the four palaces in its Southern courtyard, this place offers royal wooden aesthetics to make your Insta feed attractive. You can do an entire series of doors just from the options here, that range from ancient arched doors surrounded by detailed artwork to giant wooden doors that truly fit a palace.


If you’re ever attending a workshop, an art or comedy event at Jxtapose, don’t forget to click a picture of the entrance door. It has an interesting combination of colours, and the whole space is designed by talented architects. This door has teal, brown, and orange in its palette and it gives a very homely vibe. There are also some hand-painted walls in the studio area here that are a must check-out.

Nizamia General Hospital

Nizamia General Hospital is a historical unani hospital right opposite Mecca Masjid, also established during the time of the Nizam. The architecture gives it away and the doors are a subject of wonderment, indeed, each with its distinct patterns and colours. You can surely get four different door shots from here for your ‘gram.

Maqtha Art District

While you walk through the lanes of MS Maqtha Art District, don’t just admire the street art; but also keep your eye out for doors that make a picture perfect frame for your next Instagram post. For instance, the door beside this tiger wall painting that actually an entrance to the building, but just seemed to make for an excellent shot as it blends so well with the surroundings. There are more doors like this one on the street which will let you envision your next photograph, and you totally must click them.

Humming Bird Cafe

By the entrance of Humming Bird Cafe in Madhapur, is this pastel French door that is surrounded by baby pink floral climbers, flower pots, and lanterns too. This set up makes this one of our favourite Instagrammable doors in the city. It actually is a door leading to the Vanilla Boutique but use it for an impromptu photo shoot or just to add a dash of soft colours to your feed. In fact, this cafe offers many more options for insta lovers seeking contemporary backdrops that are drop-dead gorgeous, like a mirrored wall and bird houses.

Chai Kahaani

Chai Kahani in Kompally is a favourite among chai lovers who head here for variations of tea, but it seems to be on city Instagrammer’s list too. Thanks to the door at the entrance that is often seen on the social media platform. It stands out gracefully for the traditional design, and windows on both sides that add symmetry to your ideal Instagram post.

The Hoppery

It feels a li’l bit like Santorini when you enter The Hoppery, and this blue door is not one to miss. We clicked plenty of pictures with its frame as a background and each of them was stunning. Our Instagram likes were on a crazy rise, and we’re sure yours will be too.

State Central Library

Home to over 5,00,000 books, the majestic Telangana State Central Library has a charming entrance door that will give your Instagram feed a pop of colour, some outdated goodness, and a great view. In addition to this {and the books of course}, you can also check out the staircases and windows here for some picturesque frames

So go on and get those a(door)able shots for your Instagram today!


Shreya is a 23 year old writer, photographer, and film-maker with a serious case of Zayn Malik obsession. She is also the Associate - Content, Features for LBB Hyderabad.