We Bet You Didn't Know These Facts About Hyderabad

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We're all well versed with the popular areas in Hyderabad, be it Begumpet, Ameerpet or Banjara Hills, no doubt about that. But do you know the story behind the names? No? Just read along to know these lesser-known facts and stories about the roads of Hyderabad, and boast it around. 

Hussain Sagar

We don't have beaches or a lot of lakes, but what we do have is Hussain Sagar and it's our guilty pleasure for roadside ice cream, walks, and tea stalls. If you've spent a good amount of time here, you should know this. Hussain Sagar gets its name from a renowned Sufi saint of Golkonda, Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali, in the 16th century. He built this man-made lake for the city's water needs, and though it's not used for drinking water, it's an iconic landmark in the city. 


The OG place for street shopping, there's nothing that you won't find in Koti. Do you find yourself getting books from here and eating at Gokul Chaat? Next time you're walking on the street, think about this. The word Koti literally translates to a mansion and this was where Nizam's concubines resided (that's how it got its name). The mansion used to house the concubines was later turned into a residence for Sir James Kirkpatrick, who married Khair Un-Nissa Begum, a Noblewoman during the Nizam reign amidst a lot of controversies (it's a story worth googling). FYI, Khairtabad was named after her. 


One of the busiest areas in the city, in a way, Begumpet connects Secunderabad to Hyderabad, and Hyderabad to Cyberabad. Home to popular places in the city like the Spanish Mosque, and 10 Downing Street among many others, Begumpet gets its name from Basheer Ul-Unnisaa Begum, the daughter of the sixth Nizam. He got this land as part of her wedding dowry, and its boom and development are history. Interestingly, Sir Ronald Ross, a Nobel Prize winner for medicine discovered the cause of malaria, during his work at the Begumpet general hospital in 1897. 

Begum Bazaar

One of the biggest wholesale markets in the city with all kinds of stores, from dry fruits to decor, Begum Bazaar is named after Humda Begum, wife of Nizam Ali Khan Nizamul Mulk. He gifted this land to merchants for their trading activities. Currently, it has the second-largest fish market in Hyderabad, and the first Ganesh pooja pandal was set up here. Who knew, right?


Speaking of gifting land, Ameerpet gets its name from Amir Ali. He was a jagirdar of a Nizam who has gifted the land to him. Once where the Nizamia Observatory (third of its kind in India) stood tall, is now a jungle for IT training centres and lots of shopping outlets. 


Big on mandi? Then you must be knowing about Barkas in Old City. But doesn't Barkas sound similar to barracks? That's because this place housed the military barracks of the Nizam, basically where the Arab soldiers and bodyguards of the Nizam used to stay. Macho much? 

Fateh Maidan

A.K.A LB Stadium. Before Uppal's RGI cricket stadium, Fateh Maidan hosted many cricket matches in the city. Originally, this ground was used for camping by the Mughal Army during their siege of Golconda. After the Mughals won over Golkonda, it was named as Fateh Maidan - Ground of Victory. 


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