Get To This Studio In Secunderabad & Drop Those Extra KGs Like A Piece Of Cake

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Work towards a killer body with yoga and pilates at Ishta Yoga Studio. Weight loss, better metabolism, and therapy — check them out to experience a stress-free workout regime. 

What Makes It Awesome

Listen, folks, you don't have to be a celeb to try out power yoga and pilates. This Yoga studio in Secunderabad is all about making you fall in love with working out and we agree 100 per cent. New to yoga? Don't fret, under professional guidance, even a simple yoga posture can reap great results at Ishta —The Power Yoga Studio. Need to lose some weight to look lit in your dream outfit? Master those power yoga asanas and tada! Strength training, you say? Make pilates your best friend (it's not as difficult as it looks). Not just physically, train yourself mentally and emotionally too with asanas and pranayama to experience complete mind-body balance. The fact that their holistic approach towards workout involves making tailor-made regimes to hit a specific target is awesome and we love how fun their eclectic mix of power yoga and pilates is. We couldn't possibly think such an exercise combo is possible, but here it is. They also offer various fitness and health tips from time to time on their socials and in their studio. Watcha waiting for? Get fit and lit. 


Head over to the yoga studio now for a free class and consultation. 


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