Love All Things Gold & Glittery? Check Out These Jewellery Stores In & Around Kukatpally

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Wedding on the cards? With more and more jewellery stores opening up in this area, we've naturally checked out a few. From gold to beautiful pearls, you might want to stop yourself from splurging. Without further ado, here is a list of jewellery stores in and around Kukatpally.

GRT Jewellers

Located near Arjun Theatre in Bhagya Nagar Colony, GRT Jewellers is a fine choice. Their two-toned silver jewellery is for those of you who love stones or gems. Their modern jewellery range includes hoops, jhumkas, chaandbaalis in the trendiest of designs. And the best part? The jewellery here fits every budget.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Malabar Gold & Diamonds is awesome if you are looking for minimalistic and elegant jewellery. Their diamond jewellery collection is quite limited but they can double up as your am-pm wear too. They have some of the best pieces for men too. This is located in KPHB Colony.

Kalyan Jewellers

While we are not huge fans of Kalyan Jewellers, this store has a decent collection of jhumkas and elaborate necklace sets. For those of you who love chokers, there is a decent collection. The only reason one can check out this store is for the seasonal deals. 

Jai Rajendra Jewel Palace

Known for their silver jewellery, figurines, and gift items, Jai Rajendra Jewel Palace is all up for customisation, and if you've always wanted to get a piece designed just the way you like, get here. Located near Usha Mullapudi Arch, go here if you are looking for something offbeat and vintage-like. 

Sree Kumaran Gold & Diamonds

What we love about Sree Kumaran Gold & Diamonds is their comprehensive website. That means we already know what we can expect before stepping into the store. We say skip all those regular diamond sets or pendant sets and check out their antique jewellery collection. They also have a limited but decent collection of platinum and silver jewellery.

Joyalukkas Jewellery

Joyalukkas has a wide range of uncut diamonds, diamonds, precious stones, platinum, gemstone jewellery, and so much more. From daily wear to the office and party wear, we love how unique the designs are for every section. All you need is plenty of patience to go through the designs, but if elegance is your style, we're sure you'll find something here. This is located right opposite Vishwanath Theatre.

Lalitha Jewellers

It doesn't matter how much fun you make of Lalithaa Jewellery whenever their advertisement appears in a movie hall or television. For Lalithaa is super crowded, every day of the year. This jewellery store is quite popular for its light-weight (but every bit royal) looking necklaces and chokers. Plus, they have jewellery for every budget which makes them a winner in this area.

Mangatrai Jewellers

Located inside Forum Sujana Mall, Mangatrai Jewellers is as iconic as it gets. As the name goes, Mangatrai is known for its Hyderabad pearl jewellery. Founded in 1905, when it comes to pearls, you don't have to look beyond Mangatrai. Their pearl range includes freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls, natural pearls, and more. Apart from the regular jewellery, you'll also find Kundan, Polki, Victorian jewellery too.

Krishna Pearls & Jewellers

Krishna Pearls & Jewellers is an iconic 36-year-old brand that has quite a following in Hyderabad. Known for their Hyderabadi pearls, Krishna goes a little beyond in making wedding jewellery spectacular with regal chandraharam, antique necklaces, ruby chokers, and more. We can never get enough of their temple jewellery. No matter what kind of style you prefer, we believe there is something for everyone here.

Tanishq Jewellery

If you are looking for elegant jewellery or minimalistic neckpieces, head to Tanishq as they craft simple pieces. Perfect for am-pm wear, we find their platinum jewellery range super elegant. That said, the choices are quite limited at this store so if you're specifically looking for workaday pieces, go here.

Devi Jewellers

Located in KPHB, Devi Jewellers is an iconic brand that draws loyalists from all across the city. Find yourself gawking at their silver jewellery and elaborate haaram sets. If special occasions call for something exquisite, check out their antique jewellery section. Plus, the service at the store is so good that we recommend discussing your requirement to get appropriate help.

Jos Alukkas

Jos Alukkas is one store where kids wouldn't mind shopping too because they have a kids collection with Spiderman rings, emoji bracelets, and more. But that aside, their diamond jewellery and regal-looking necklaces are fit for a wedding look. They introduce new collection quite regularly so the chances of gawking at new jewellery every time you visit the store are really high.

Voylla Fashion Jewelry

When it comes to imitation or semi-precious jewellery, Voylla can easily hang out with the big guys in the business. They've got 1GM gold jewellery, which is perfect for those pieces that you don't want to buy in gold. For instance, a kamarbandh costs you INR 8,000 and upwards. Plus, their neckpieces are beautiful. It's a different thing if you don't want gold-coloured jewellery at all because you can check out their oxidised metal collection.

P. Satyanarayan & Sons Jewellers

Tucked away in PNR Empire, P. Satyanarayan & Sons Jewellers is yet another iconic store that has been around since 1949. Their designs are subtle, regal, and crafted for those who believe in classic heirloom pieces.

Tara Fashion Jewelry

Tara Fashion Jewelry is a great haunt for imitation jewellery. This store brings in new stock regularly and they are particular about keeping up with trends, so you know you'll find something new every time you walk in. 

Kavita Jewellers

Kavitha Jewellers specialises in gold, silver, and diamond ornaments. Looking for silver items for gifting or puja needs? This store has to be checked out.

Nakoda Jewelers

Another iconic store, Nakoda is a popular brand in Hyderabad and if you are looking for traditional temple jewellery, this is where you should head. The store service is on-point, and they've got plenty of loyalists who go here for silver gifting items and simple jewellery too.


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