This Furniture Store In Narayanguda Makes Customises Cane Furniture Like A Pro

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Redecorating your home? Head to Kaki Cane Furniture Works, which has been around for 47 years now catering to custom cane furniture needs at affordable prices.

What Makes It Awesome

Aqel Khan runs a tiny, unkempt store in Narayanguda which sells amazing cane furniture. From the main road, you can spot the attractive lamps, chairs, swings, and laundry baskets hanging at the door, but upon conversing with the owner, we found that he does complete interiors. Having been in the business for 27 years, Aqel tells us how he learnt the traditional skill from his father who ran the store before him. We browsed through the thick catalogues which showcased some beautiful sample pieces, from dining sets, book stands, stools, food trolleys to sofa and bed sets. Since cane is pretty versatile when it comes to styling, you can have it netted, webbed, or weaved to form patterns on your furniture. It is not only light-weight, and easy to maintain, but also affordable starting at INR 700 for a hanging lamp. Bespoke products can vary in range (going upto INR 50,000), based on the kind of designs you want, and the time it takes to make them. 

You can also get it dyed in bright colours like blue, red, yellow as opposed to the regular teak, coffee, and cherry. We think that some cane chairs would make a great addition to your patio and lawn. Besides, this furniture survives all kinds of weather (and is thus pretty durable), so you wouldn't have to worry. So, make your home a little more comfy and classy by walking into this store now.

What Could Be Better

We wish the store had more furniture on display, rather than in catalogues. It would make it more aesthetic, and give us a chance to experience the comfort.


Have a word with Aqel and discuss original ideas if you have any as he is open to working on them. Place your orders at least a week in advance


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