Whip Up A Fancy Meal Of Pasta Or Thai Curries With This Gourmet Brand's Kits

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What Makes It Awesome

Whoever said you cannot whip a gourmet-style meal at home, clearly hasn't heard of Kitchen Stories. This Hyderabad-based brand is founded by Manju and Rekha (also fondly called as the chief food officers by the team) and later joined by their niece, Pallak Sancheti. After stumbling upon them on Instagram, we got curious. And here's what we found — the brand has been making DIY cooking kits and gourmet sauces. Whether you're in the mood for pasta or pad that, get your hands on their Mint Basil Pesto or DIY Thai Kits.

As firm believers of the fact that healthy food can also be delicious, Kitchen Stories makes use of fresh and preservative-free ingredients. And that's what we're loving! These easy to use kits come with an instruction manual and all their products have a seven-day shelf life in a refrigerator. You can freeze them for a month though. Some of their most-loved kits are DIY Sriracha Noodle Bowl, DIY Pav Bhaji Fondue, DIY Lebanese Platter, DIY Thai Kits, and Pesto sauce. Plus, they've got homemade seasonings too. The price range across the store begins at INR 150 and goes up to INR 1,300. 

Soon, the brand intends to launch global cuisines such as Mexican and Japenese while also staying close to the roots with flavours from Chettinad. Honestly, we're excited to toss a dish or two! What about you? Craving some pesto pasta already?


You can either DM the brand on WhatsApp or Facebook or call them directly to place an order. Please note that Kitchen Stories whips everything fresh, so place an order in advance. 


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