Let Tidying Up Spark Joy By Adopting The KonMari Method To Organise & Declutter

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Now that you are home, it's about time you stop procrastinating and stop living in a pile of mess. Yes, the mess that you're hiding in your shelves, wardrobes, and under the beds. Marie Kondo. a world-renowned organising expert came up with KonMari Method which is basically a minimalist approach to well...help you not feel intimidated by the huge mess and only keep the things that spark joy. Let's break it step by step. 

Set Your Mind To It

Committing to clean up is the first step of the battle. Once you set a time and commit, you can apply this to anything ever in life and spark some joy. 

Realise The Impact

Analyse the mess and think about the difference it is going to make in your life. If you're a hoarder, it will help you battle the problem or if there's not enough space for something you've been wanting for the longest time, now is the time to make space. 

How To Get Rid Of The Items

This is crucial for the KonMari Method. First, get rid of unwanted items. Start with items that you've not used in a year, to begin with. But before discarding, thank each item for serving its purpose. 

Category, Not Location

Another main focus of this KonMari method is to organise items by their category, not location. For instance, it's not about cleaning the bedroom closet, it's about cleaning all the clothing items, no matter what room. 

Follow The Checklist Order

This is the essence of the KonMari method. You cannot stray away from this checklist because it's not about getting rid of the unwanted items, it's about keeping things that spark joy. 

Here's the checklist: 

Miscellaneous Items
Sentimental Items

Apply all the rules above to the categories in this list and work your way through. Remember, there's no rush. You have to make tidying up, a positive and therapeutic process.