Cold Brew To Doppio: Have You Tried This Coffee Brand Out?

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you cannot do without coffee, welcome to the club! As coffee fanatics ourselves, we're always trying out new coffee brands and that's how we've stumbled upon Korebi Coffee. This single origin coffee brand from Chikmagaluru slow roasts all its 100 per cent Arabica beans in small batches. Which means you're signing up for freshly roasted coffee whenever you place an order.

    Wondering what they've got? They've got dark roast, medium roast, and doppio liquid. Both the roasts are available in hot and cold brew variants. Their doppio is a ready-to-use coffee liquid — all you've got to do is add hot milk to it and a mean cup of Joe is ready. Of course, you can also whip cold coffee with it. The best part? You can shop for these on LBB.