Potlis To Desi Crop Jackets: Things We Found In Charminar's Night Bazaar For As Low As INR 30

    Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad

    The joy of walking the streets of the Old City during the nights is breathtaking. The stores and the stalls are all festive and lit up, and we cannot tell you how amazing the aroma of kebabs and street food is! We gulped down some avocado juice from Milan Juice Centre and braced ourselves to grab all the affordable beauties from Laad Bazaar. So, let’s get to shopping, shall we?

    Desi Crop Jackets - INR 200

    Strolling through Laad Bazaar, we found plenty of desi crop jackets with embroidery and mirror work. These come in different colours and are perfect for your kurta and patiala. At INR 200 each, we had to get them.

    Fancy Fabrics - INR 80 upwards

    The wholesale stores lined along the market have stocked up on fancy fabrics, ikat, kalamkari, brocades, Benaras silk, chiffon, and so much more. We showered some love on Kalamkari cloth pieces and at INR 80 per metre upwards, we got ourselves some. While the price range of Benaras silk is around INR 350-850 (depending on your choice), they are quite good for weddings and festive collections. 

    Multi-coloured Earrings - INR 200

    Now this is something that got us super excited. Although we frequent Old City for our supply of kitschy jewellery, we’ve never found these multi-coloured earrings before. Pair them with plain kurtas or you’re all set to add a festive look to your outfit. Plus, don’t they just remind you of Gems? Be sure to bargain hard if they quote a higher price.

    Potlis - INR 150-200

    The streets are flooding with potlis of different sizes, shapes, and colours, and we checked out some. Done in different fabrics and embroidery, these can make you stand out in the crowd. Pair them with an ethnic dress or grab them for gifting someone. We’re doing both.

    Sling Bags With Tassles - INR 350

    We found several desi sling bags with tassles at a wholesale store and we’re loving them. While the store owner declared that the store has new arrivals once in a month, he had enough goodness to keep us going back.

    Bangles - INR 30 upwards

    Ooh, the variety of bangles. Right from metallic ones to glass and fancy bangles, the stores and street vendors have lovely collection for you to go nuts about. The collection also includes some grand ones with elaborate work.

      Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad