Time To Chill! Get Chocolate Or Pekoe Flavoured Tea From This Iconic Tea Store


    Nilgiri Tea Emporium, in Mozamjahi Market is one of the oldest and the largest tea manufacturing units in South India. It houses some of the best Indian tea brands including the Lasa Lamsa Mix which is popular in the US too.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Darvesh Abdul Hameed, a businessman established Nilgiri Tea Emporium under the name China Nilgiri in the year 1933. It has been a pioneer of flavoured tea in the Indian market ever since. Though it started off as a small shop, today it is one of the biggest suppliers of tea in India and abroad. Managed by the third generation of the same family, the store also deals with wholesale and retail orders too. Authentic tea leaves from Assam and Nilgiri are mixed, blended, and packed (using state of the art machinery to ensure good quality) for sale here.

    According to the store owners, the Lasa Chocolate Tea that originated from here is world famous, and they have other varieties like Orange Pekoe too. Also, try their Dane Daar tea which is basically leaf tea and they have dust tea as well. What they are known for, though, is their mix of the two brands — Lasa and Lamsa to create a strong flavoured tea called the Lasa Lamsa Mix, which apparently has a unique flavour. We smelt and felt this mix and we must say that the aroma itself is quite mesmerising, as it has a strong scent of the concentrated flavours. 


    This tea emporium exports to the USA, and Saudi Arabia as of now. Ranging from tea bags to dust tea and tea leaves, they have it all. In fact, they also have a brand called Chetak made especially for bulk consumers. The price range for Lasa tea or Lasa and Lamsa mix is INR 380 per KG, and you can get samples too. We recommend going to their store, smelling tea leaves and flavours, trying out one of their samples so you have clarity on what to buy and then buying a supply of tea to last you months!