This Lipstick Brand Is So Cool That It Lets You Create Lip Shades Of Your Choice

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What Makes It Awesome

LipHue is India's first Augmented Reality-powered lipstick studio and that's what makes it awesome. This Hyderabad-based brand is known for its specialty — you can customise your lipstick shades just the way you like. Whether you want to match it with your skin tone, an outfit or you simply want to go wacko with the shade — you can go wild. Thank God, they've gone online now because we can pick (or create) a shade that we've been eyeing. 

Allow us to tell you how this works: After you register on their website, you're offered two options such as Make Your Hue and Find Your Hue. When you tap on Make Your Hue, a camera opens up with different shades. You can select up to four shades, which are blended together, and then go pick your choice of base (matte or creme) and fragrance (vanilla, green apple, English Lavender, and so many more). That's it!

When you tap on Find Your Hue, you can pick a shade for the desired swatch. Now all you've got to do is go pick your base and fragrance. It's literally that simple. The shades are priced at INR 1,800, and the packaging is so beautiful and shimmery that you'd think Christmas has arrived early.

LipHue also has a Shop section with some delicious colours for you to gawk at. We're eyeing Crimson Lust and Night Candy. These are priced at INR 1,250. If you'd like to know more, connect with the brand right here on LBB.


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