This Stunning Temple Resembling A Lotus Is A Must Visit This Sankranthi

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What Makes It Awesome

No doubt Lotus Temple in Delhi is stunning, but Hyderabad has its own beautiful Lotus Temple, and it deserves your attention. If you admire intriguing architecture, Lotus Temple, also known as Kamaldham Mandir, is a white structure surrounded by a huge pink lotus base. Standing atop a pond, this Hindu temple is home to six deities.  With intricate carvings that resemble the Indian culture, this site is abounded by greenery and you're sure to get good pictures for the gram and to cherish memories (not everything is about the gram, guys). Wondering where this is? It's on the way to Chilkur, roughly 3 km before the famous Chilkur Balaji Temple. Enjoy going on drives? We're thinking of a small day-trip (one hour away from the city) this temple is a wonderful site for families visiting from Chilkur temple and any devotees looking to visit a temple that isn't very crowded. 


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