Mandi: A Traditional Dish Originated From Yemen

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What Makes It Awesome?

Spice 6, Banjara Hills: So people are still confused between 2 dishes Mandi and Khabsa, i thought I'll explain it clearly and in simple way. Mandi is a traditional dish originated from Yemen, consisting mainly of meat and rice with a special blend of spices. It is cooked in a pit underground. It's extremely popular and prevalent in most areas of the Arabian Peninsula. Also in countries like Egypt and others. Currently in Past few years In Hyderabad, Mandi has become a huge trend. People loved the concept and understood the Dish how it is, But mainly pure Hyderabadis understand the taste of mandi because its A Mild and Flavourful dish, It's Not a Spicy at All. Not meant to Disrespect but sometimes people have mandi with Mirchi ka salan or any spicy curry which is disgusting. Mandi is usually made from rice, meat like Lamb (Goat), Camel (In middle East countries) Chicken, or seafood and a mixture of spices called Hawaij. The meat used is usually a young and small sized lamb to enhance the taste further. . The meat is then boiled with whole spices until tender, and the spiced stock is then used to cook the Basmati rice at the bottom of the Tandoor, then the meat is suspended inside the Tandoor above the rice and without touching the charcoal. The rice is also cooked in the same Mutton Stock and it will mild in taste. Ridiculously tender meats and Flully, Grainy long rice!


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