Have You Tried The Shami Kebab At This Hole In The Wall Eatery Near Charminar?

    What Makes It Awesome

    Masha Allah Shami Parata is quite literally a hole-in-the-wall place in the Old City. Located quite close to Hotel Nayaab, the only way you discover this place is it's right opposite Welcome Printers, which is one of the earliest wedding card printers in this area. There is a good reason for you to tire yourself to get here. This iconic 30-year-old store makes Shami Kebabs. At INR 13 a plate, these folks drag people from different parts of this area, and it's usually a hot spot that every heritage walk participants hit up. You can pig out on not just kebabs but also dahi bhalla and mirchi bajji. You can ask for a paratha (INR 8) which is served along with the kebab. Looking for a fulsome meal? There's Bagara Dalcha Khana too, which is basically dalcha and bagar rice. There isn't much for vegetarians here and if you're a lover of all things meat, go here to eat up on a shoestring budget. The shami kebab here will melt away and when eaten with pudina chutney, it just cannot get better.

    What Could Be Better

    If you are big on hygiene, you might want to avoid this eatery.

    How Much Did It Cost

    Under ₹500