Fresh Out Of The Kiln! This Indian Potter Is Worth Checking Out

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What Makes It Awesome

Following passions can lead one to unexpected paths — something that Vaishnavi, an architect turned potter, experienced a few years ago when a budding interest in pottery kickstarted. She moved to Hyderabad from Auroville and started Mattipilla in 2018. Since then, she has been making handmade ceramic pieces and has been sharing her pretty to exquisite work with cafes like Chai Kahani.

Mattipilla offers range in tableware, fresh out of the kiln, that will leave your guests demanding to know where you got them from. They have teacups that start from INR 220, a coffee cup for INR 350 and above, plates that range between INR 550 and 1,000, among others. Also, you can get your hands on the Kurinuki tray and cups!

While there are a large number of brands and shops that might be selling tableware, but there is nothing like unique, handmade ones. Are we right? Or are we right? So order and add some character to your next dinner party and let them be the conversation starters!


The studio is located in Jubilee Hills. You can visit and check out the samples; or, Vaishnavi shares her ceramic making journey on the Instagram page, so you can check out the collection there and reach out to her. Also, heads up! The orders might take a month. So, you've to be a little patient for the beauties to arrive on your table.


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