Enjoy The Absolutely Succulent Meat Platter At Capital!

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For all the Meat Lovers out there, Presenting you the Mutton Platter. As Capital has been a Very good place for its delicious Platters, the meat one was very Impressive for me. You get Phattar Ka Ghosht, Sheekh Kebab and Boti Kebab!
My most favourite was Phattar Ka Ghosht, the meat which is thinly sliced, marinated for many hours and cooked slowly on Hot Stone, This requires a lot of ghee but it tastes Absolutely Amazing. Sheek Kebabs here just Melt In Mouth, smokey and spicy. Boti Kebab was just fine, not a real fan of Fan Though. You also get shami kebab in this platter, but it was served separately.

Overall, the meat platter was really good, it may not be well presented, but the taste was fantastic and Flavourful

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