Gather Around! This Community Is All About Live Music & Conversations

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What Makes It Awesome

Picture this — a lovely living room full of strangers, conversations, and live music. That's what Motojojo is all about. Started in Mumbai, this has ventured into Hyderabad and it's spearheaded by Alex Bailey — a well-known artist in Hyderabad. We caught up with him to get a glimpse, and we were told Motojojo is all about gathering a bunch of strangers at a venue (like a cafe, cultural space) or a living room of a Hyderabadi. Certain handpicked musicians, artists, and storytellers perform at these gatherings which are known to bring 20-40 people together. Sometimes these gatherings are made more interesting with potlucks.

Motojojo, in reality, means to know the unknown. Surely that means you can expect an element of surprise at each gathering. Whether you enjoy Sufi music to classical music — there's something immersive for you. Although Motojojo brings home renowned artists, it offers a platform for upcoming indie artists too. If you are one, don't be shy to miss out on your moment of glory.

The other interesting events include Ghummakadi Kalakaar (where Motojojo takes artists on a country-wide tour) and Kitchen Gatherings where a home chef invites 10-14 food lovers in their home and whip up a meal. All of this sounds like a solid plan to meet new peeps in the city, and we're rooting for it.


To attend a Motojojo sesh, you can either find them on their Facebook page or head over to their website and book your slot. The address to the secret location is shared with you after you book. 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.