Cheap Thrills: This Weekend, Ditch Clubbing & Trek Up To Moula Ali Hill

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Unfettered by the suburban aura and largely isolated, Moula Ali Hill is a stunning location with a hilltop dargah. The sunrises and sunsets are magical here. 

What Makes It Awesome

A trek to Moula Ali Hill is a fairly easy and rewarding one. With 500 well laid out steps, beginners who want to do some serious trekking in the future often practice here, but we trek for different reasons. This dome-shaped hill gives you a brilliant panoramic view of Hyderabad, especially after the sunset (when the city is lit up). As you reach the dargah, an old disused gateway welcomes you and if you're interested in visiting the dargah, you'll pass through a narrow chamber. More than 500 tombs are scattered around the hill, and you are free to wander around. 

Assuring deep conversations if you're with your squad, there are plenty of myths around this hill. While a few say the surroundings are haunted, others say that it has a historical significance. But we recommend putting the myths aside and gawking at the city from the top. Lay supine on the large rocks for some serious stargazing a little after the sunset because these moments are golden. 


Although you don't need a guide for this trek, if you want company or someone to conduct this trek, GHAC and Hyderabad Trekkers Club do it often. 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.