Boxing, Calisthenics, Yoga & HIIT: This Gym Is More Of A Community Than Fitness Centre

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MultiFit is one of the best gyms in Jubilee Hills and they offer functional training. Right from strength building to bodybuilding — MultiFit covers a wide spectrum of fitness training. 

What Makes It Awesome

If you have been looking for a solid gym in and around Jubilee Hills, MultiFit calls out to you. What started out as a single studio gym in Pune in 2015, has spreads its wings to various cities and towns including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysore. Specialising in calisthenics-based training, it believes in building a fitness community that can socialise beyond training hours, and it sure is succeeding at it. The fact that calisthenics is involved makes it all the more of the moment as you'll build a strong core. Going beyond your regular workouts, you'll dip your feet in mixed martial arts. Jeet Kune Do, anyone? Yup, you can be your own version of Bruce Lee too. Apart from these, you can expect circuit training, boxing, HIIT, kickboxing, Taekwondo, cross-training too. And what's not to love? The gym has a cycling studio, in-house dance, Zumba, and Yoga training too. The monthly subscription costs you anywhere between INR 6,999-10,000, and while it's priced on the higher side, you can definitely bank on the value-for-money factor.


MultiFit offers a free trial that you can check out before joining full-time.

Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.