Port City's Best: Check Out The Our Favourite Beaches In Visakhapatnam

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Ramakrishna Beach in Vizag is surely a constant. Probably that's the first beach in Vishakapatnam that comes to your mind when we say Vizag beach. But there are plenty of other beaches that are worth checking out. And we're here to help you plan a beach hopping trip in Vizag. 

Thotlakonda Beach

Thotlakonda Beach is quite close to Bheemli Beach and this beach gets its name from Thotlakonda Buddhist Complex, which is a mere 3KM away. The beach has several rocky formations that make for a charming location. If you're looking for a beach that offers solitude, get here. 

Divis Beach

Getting to Divis Beach is quite a task but totally worth it because of its iconic bridge. The pathway to the beach is quite narrow and the beach itself is quite sandy and tough to walk. But once you get to the Divis Bridge, find yourself taking umpteen photographs. It's a secluded beach and even on weekends, you'll barely find 15-20 peeps. 

Gangavaram Beach

Surrounded by hills and rocky terrains, Gangavaram Beach is a true delight for beach lovers. Go here for a picnic or gawk at the coastline. There's a Krishna Temple perched on top of a hill near this beach, and if you've got time on hands, plan a visit. This beach is quite secluded too and it's surrounded by palm trees. We recommend planning a visit when it's not too dark. 

Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda has one of the most pleasant and less crowded beaches in the city, and you can score amazing views of the mountains on one side and the unending Bay of Bengal on the other. With plenty of food shacks and stalls at the beach, you're sure to get that Goa-waali feeling here. If you're planning a stay, we recommend the Haritha Resorts, that are perched on the hill. 

Yarada Beach

A little far from the city, Yarada Beach is located near Gangavaram Beach and Dolphin's Nose (a hill that resembles the nose of a dolphin). Full of rocky cliffs and greens, this beach instantly transports you to an exotic beach. If you have very little time on hand, we recommend skipping other beaches and checking this one out.

Bheemili Beach

Bheemili largely signifies the British and Dutch settlements. It's surrounded by gigantic coconut trees. In fact, you don't really notice the beach until you cross the trees. There is also a Dutch cemetery near the beach that you might want to check out. In fact turn this into a proper weekend getaway by putting yourself up at The Bheemli Resort which has an infinity pool, beach views, and an outdoor pool.


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