Want To Head To The Beach But Not To Goa? Check Out This Beach In Nellore

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What Makes It Awesome

A delight to one’s eye, Mypadu Beach is only 25KM away from Nellore. It has a bridge that reminds you of Pondicherry’s Rock Beach (a popular spot for movie shoots) and is engulfed with towering palm trees. The beach is clean and has plenty of water activities like jet skiing and camping/stargazing spots. There is an ancient Siva temple near the beach that gathers a lot of devotees and tourists, but otherwise, the beach is not too crowded.

You can go here for a peaceful walk or simply to chill either in the mornings or evenings. There are many stalls for beverages like coconut water, cold drinks, and a few snacks as well, but no other dining option around. A government-run beach resort called Haritha Resorts is your only saviour here, but be sure to make bookings in advance as it is often booked. This beach is a great getaway if you and your friends are planning a quick trip over the weekend. You can also check out these places around Hyderabad if you love road trips. 

We recommend a road trip or an overnight bus ride to Nellore to get here. You can reach in less than eight hours. Plus, there are plenty of trains too.

What Could Be Better

The stay and food options are not many, so it might be a drawback for some.


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