Sip Irani Chai With The View Of Charminar At This Iconic Cafe In Old City

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Nimrah Cafe, located in Ghansi Bazaar, Old City, opened its doors for chai and biscuit lovers in 1993 and has since been flooded with visitors ever since.

What Makes It Awesome

Winning hearts with its delicious cookies and Irani chai, Nimrah attracts crowds from both Old City and modern suburbs of Hyderabad. Abood Bin Aslam Al Katheri, the founder, learned baking and worked for nearly 26 years before opening Nimrah, which stood the testament of time by growing rapidly in these 25 years. Right from the moment it opens its doors at 4 am, people rush in for their dose of chai and biscuit, and it runs full house till 11 pm. Walk up to the counter and you’ll be greeted by the owner who will go through the history of the cafe all too willingly. Strike a conversation with him about the delicacies that are baked all around the clock and gorge on the Khopra Biscuits (coconut biscuits) and Shirmal (saffron-flavored traditional flatbread).

While you can order their Irani chai, if you’re looking for some adventure, we recommend the Khada Chamach Chai, which is sugary enough to keep a spoon standing in the centre of a glass. Don’t just stick to the Osmania Biscuits when you can explore the joy of melting sponge cakes and pastries. The unassumingly small place can accommodate a good number of people, albeit you’ll find many lurking outside because who doesn’t like their chai with the view of Charminar?

If you love yourself a dose of history and nostalgia with a side of chai and Osmania biscuits, then you need to pay a pilgrimage to Nimrah Cafe ASAP.


Perfecting that one Instagram shot might take you hours, but at Nimrah, it’s a different ballgame altogether. If you’re looking enough, you’re sure to find a vacant spot on the outside where you can take those ever-popular shots of Osmania biscuits and chai dripping from the cups.


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.