Plan Your Next Escape With This Travel Company That Believes In Glocal Experiences

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What Makes It Awesome?

In search of eccentric experiences? Offbeat Tracks — an experiential travel company based out of Hyderabad offers rich experiences and sustainable travel. 

Why just travel when you can immerse yourself in local experiences is what Offbeat Tracks believes in. Run by Vandana Vijay, a TEDx speaker who found her true calling in working with the rural communities and sustainable travel, this platform stands true to its name. An avid trekker (And traveller) herself, Vandana has blended the art of responsible tourism and enveloping experiences where you can pick up a local skill or explore regional cuisines and trails. Offbeat has fixed departures and customised tours across India and Bhutan.

Dine in a cruise over the Brahmaputra river and visit a local beer brewery in Bhutan. Or sign up to explore the Naga cuisine. These experiences are arranged under budget for you. For instance, the cruise costs around INR 3,000 per head while the local brewery visit costs INR 1,000. You can also learn the traditional art of weaving baskets and shawls in Nagaland or go caving in Meghalaya. We recommend skipping a luxurious stay for a homestay that doesn't just contribute to rural development but also widens your horizon in terms of understanding different cultures. So, pack your bags and embark on these journeys here. 


These are mostly group travel, so you can expect meeting new friends and fellow travelers. 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.