Make Authentic Ramen At Home With This Instant Ramen Noodles!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Indomie is a form of instant noodle. The most popular flavour is Indomie Mi goreng. Instant Ramen with Indonesian Flavouring, Every Middle East Born kid like me knows this brand very well, As I Grew Up eating the best Noodles.

Indo" stands for "Indonesia" and "mie" is the Indonesian word for "noodles", therefore "Indomie" stands for "noodles from Indonesia" or "Indonesian noodle".

Over the years I've been searching this Every place in Hyderabad and I couldn't Find it, Finally, I found it from one of my Relatives Shop located at Mehdipatnam. A few weeks back I bought a Whole carton box of my favourite Noodle Brand. Now Obviously there are Many Varieties in this and Featuring here is the Mi Goreng flavour. Its very simple to make. Just Boil the Noodles very well, In a large Bowl add the Seasoning And Chilli Powder (which you get inside the pack), Add the noodles once it is boiled well and mix them thoroughly. Next, Pour the fried onion Oil and Sweet Soy Sauce, Mix again and it is ready. Add A Fried egg on top (Optional) To follow the Detailed Recipe check my highlights of "Indomie Ramen"


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