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It's Pasta Point Of No Return With This Brand's Amazing Uncooked Artisanal Pasta

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What Makes It Awesome

Can we agree that most of us go through phases, it could be picking up a new hobby every few months or absolutely believing that you could pasta for the rest of your life. For some of us, at least eating pasta for the rest of our life isn’t just a phase. Pasta is great for so many reasons, it’s easy to make (considering we have most ingredients readily available at home), it feels like comfort food, it can be made in different ways and different flavours. Bottled is a Bangalore based online brand making artisanal uncooked pasta ; they also sell sauces, pesto and preserves. 

Bottled makes fresh uncooked pasta in different flavours (yes, not just your regular pasta). Our favourite is the spinach tagliatelle, it’s literally handcrafted goodness. Bottled also makes amazing pesto and preserves that go great with toasted bread, sourdough, and even as a delicious pasta sauce. They also have chilly pineapple preserve, don’t even be hesitant this in fact is a fire combination! It goes great with scones, meats and as dips. 

We also love how Bottled has colourful uncooked pasta, makes it so much more yummier looking. They’re making sunshine yellow envelope shaped pasta and it can be customised as per your choice. Head over to (over)indulge in some goodness.